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Tblisi w/ Alec Falconer & Harry Wills


Pictures from a recent trip to Tbilisi with the homies. We travelled to the Georgian capital in the first week of January still feeling the weight of a hefty Christmas and New Years. I knew very little about the city but was assured by Alec and Harry who had visited and played there a number of times before that it was a very special place and we were in for a good time. After a four and a half hour Wizz Air flight I was very ready to stretch my legs and see what all the fuss was about. On arrival at passport control we were all given bottles of wine by the boarder force worker as they handed our passports back to us and I know we were in for that good time.

We spent a week in and about Tbilisi with the trip focused around playing mainstay club Mtkvarze for an 11 hour set B2B2B following straight on from a 4 hour in store at the opening of Tbilisi's lates record store Small Moves. I left a bit of my heart out there and can't wait to get back over. 







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